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Big Data: Privacy

When I think of privacy I think of being able to be alone, whether that’s in my room, my car, or even sharing my thoughts with someone else alone. A part of me always knew there was very little privacy in this world especially when dealing with technology because how else would most of the things we search up or talk about suddenly be one of the advertisements we see shortly after? After this week’s ted talk really surprised me after hearing how some people believe they don’t “care” about their online privacy because they have nothing to hide but as said in the ted talk “Why Privacy Matters” we know that we are all social animals, but we all like a place where we can be free of judgement. The most disturbing surprise from the talks was that even the most sensitive information wasn’t our own to keep. Of course emails and google searches are hard to keep personal when they are being sent through a system the government can easily see or that the companies can use our data for anything we use for marketing. This was mostly disturbing because instead of just reaching out to a few people asking to use their data and upselling it for their product they are doing it anyway with no consent, we are the products to them. The ted talks taught me that we can get our privacy back if we work together and get the whole world on board, but right now those chances seem slim to none. The only thing that would have me questioning encrypting the internet for our own privacy if it ensures safety in the end. Listening to these talks really had me questioning a few things we use on the dailey. For one, our phones, is there some middle man always listening? If so, how have certain bad things such as murders, black mail, grooming etc taken place? Is there a fine line between where the privacy emails can detect when any of those are happening ?